Healthy food helps<br /> your children to get well

This is the slogan by which our kitchen team works, because the food has a direct effect on the recovery of our patients.

  • We prepare our meals fresh every day
  • We cover the ingredients preferentially from regional producers
  • We use in a wider and wider extent products from approved bio holdings
  • We forego flavour enhancers and use herbs and other spices
  • Specific forms of nutrition such as diets, which become necessary due to medical diagnoses, are part of everyday life for our skilled experts.

Not only the patient children are being spoiled

Accompanying persons, visitors and employees as well use the wide range of our kitchen. At main-meal times (breakfast / lunch and dinner) we always offer freshly prepared meals. Our friendly and welcoming dining room invites you to take time-out.

Parents and relatives who are visiting their children, can acquire meal vouchers by purchase at the information desk at the entrance in the ground floor.
Parents who stay with their children or received a so-called indication, don’t need to pay their meals.

As a according to EU law licensed company, we supply as well other facilities with good food.

In 2010 new EU regulations "for the preparation of food using unprocessed food products of animal origin" came into effect. As one of few institutions in Lower Saxony, our hospital has implemented the extensive requirements and the relevant admission requirements have been met. Our kitchen is know officially admitted to the German Federal Gazette of the Federal Office for Consumer and Food Safety.

In addition to the Cochlear Implant Centrum "Wilhelm Hirte" in Hanover, some kindergartens and after-school care clubs in Hanover already use the food offer of our kitchen and let us spoil them with culinary dishes.

Our kitchen team

Matthias Lerch
Head Chef

Auf der Bult
Zentrum für Kinder und Jugendliche
Janusz - Korczak - Allee 12
30173 Hannover

Phone: 0511 / 81 15 1230